I worked on this piece of basalt about 6 weeks ago; got a flight of stairs carved out as though coming up from the basement. Then yesterday, I marked it out and started cutting into it.

Looking at this photograph reminds me of flying over a desert, occasionally coming across man made structures, boundary fences and mysterious calligraphy like markings. I think there is something there, a new idea to explore.

This piece of basalt was excavated from our property while we were constructing our house. It has a lovely natural brown skin/outer coating-perhaps caused by the mineral content of the soil on our mountain; yet the inside is an even, deep blue tone with a tight grain.

I like working with found material, whenever a piece is not "precious" I am automatically freed up from the guilt of making mistakes, taking chances and experimenting.

Half the time this is where new and fresh ideas originate from; so go on- pick up a rock and have a go at carving!