This is my office. They call sculptors the lumberjacks of the visual art world; I wonder if it's because of our brawn and poor fashion sense? Regardless we seem to need the space for our toys: gantries, forklifts and tools. L calls my studio 'The Titanic'. We did not have the funds to build a quaint stone studio like those in Massa Cararra, so I had to settle for the ship. I like my ship; it allows me the time and space to play with my rocks. I'm in my own world for a part of everyday and the best part is that it's only 150 paces from the house. Breaking rocks is physical but the wrong kind of exercise. It’s the 150 paces up the hill twice a day that will keep me fit and healthy. Now if only I can find something that will benefit the RSI in my elbows I'll be set for another 20 years!